Assessment PACTES Project in January 2013

Presentation of the PACTS project to Learners and Progress afer the First transnational meeting

PACTES :Learning and Cooperation Platform for the Social and Solidarity-based Economy: A consolidation step for European P’acts Network

Project goals and results

Create a European toolbox of available and transferable solutions
Promote peer-group training at the European level.
Multiply and export lessons learned from practices, tools and methods to other geographical and economic contexts

Themes central to building solidarity economy and forms of democratic governance

2012 October: Mutualization between SMEs and job creation: Employers’ Alliance, Poitou-Charentes?, France
2013 January Cloughjordan today : producing food locally (quality and quantity), on-site added value, environmental education …
2013 April : Venise-Mestre? : solidarity purchasing between producers and consumers

The PACTES project is based on the principle of peer group cross-training

Illustrate/discuss/propose: Learning Journey is a methodology that has been tested since 2007: hands-on contact with projects, in-depth exchange with players in charge of these projects.
Transnational meetings are Ideal occasions for discussions that serve to pool learning experiences and put together proposals.

Two complementary assessment tools:

How well the participants understood and analysed the experience
The meeting: what worked, what was difficult, what could be improved
Other approaches for extending the toolbox will be tested at the suggestion of host organisations.
To return 2 forms no lather than before leaving.

Our tools to work together

List of participants to develop a “community of practices” on the site and involve more learner adults, teachers and trainers in inter-partner relationships.
Worksheet will be used to prepare the Learning Journey
Newsletter produced to be distributed to partners and externally, and Grundtvig programmes database. (French and English).

Work’s Meeting about PACTES Project

Sharing of lessons learned by participants and potential applicability of same to own country. Who does the evaluation report
Build our tools: Discuss and validate the project website prepared by Peter Wollny