CBS-Network Ltd promeut et encourage toutes les formes d'entreprises dont la propriété ou la gestion est collective, pour permettre aux communautés locales de devenir plus autonomes et durables, d'améliorer leur qualité de vie grâce à des activités économiques et sociales.

Community Business Scotland Network : CBS Network promotes and encourages all forms of community-owned and controlled enterprise such that local communities will become more self-reliant, sustainable and enhance their quality of life through economic and social activities.

Our objectives are
Promote and help establish social enterprise in Scotland and overseas
Undertake research into the nature of social enterprise and the wider social economy
Develop methods of evaluating the impact of social enterprise
Provide information and advice about social enterprise and community development to members, to other organisations and to individuals
Link and network with organisations and individuals
Ensure the sustainability of CBS Network

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Newsletter – Winter 2012

This Newsletter is a joint venture between CBS Network (CBSN) and COMMACT UK (Commonwealth Association for Local Action and Economic Development). COMMACT UK is now run as part of CBS Network. The first section below gives news and information about overseas projects and our partnerships with colleagues around the world. The second section details current CBSN work in Scotland and the UK.
Please feel free to share this newsletter with other friends, colleagues and networks where you are.

Overseas Projects and International Links inform about PACTES (Grundtvig Project) 2012-2014 : The PACTES project is a Learning and Co-operation platform for the Social and Solidarity based Economy), a Grundtvig Learning Partnership. The focus of the project is on the solidarity economy and local economic and social development. The project will strengthen European P’Acts? and ensure there is information exchange and a sharing of knowledge amongst the partners.
The knowledge transfer partnership will involved seven gatherings of partners. The first meeting took place at Portiers France in October 2012 and a report is available via the web site.
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