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Although often both culturally and geographically distant from one another, the approach spread beyond the borders of France: the local is the concept of territory, and the pact, cooperation; The concept has developed and evolved. P’Act? also implies ACTING together with those who share the approach and the commitment to reconstruct an economic and social pact capable of facing the challenges. This is all out¬lined in the 2nd Proposal Handbook in 2011 “Making a p’act” (only in French) to pool, progress and create.

The movement was launched, with the music of the Portuguese poet Torga in our minds and hearts: The universal is the local minus the walls !

This site serves several functions

This is our window to the outside

An european permanent collective of resources
- aimed at pooling experience, learning from on e another (popular education),
- hand on lessons learnt,
- multiply them by using them,
- support each other and jointly make our voice heard

Collective independent voice in advocacy
To the European, national, regional and local institutions in order to provide people with a means of consulting civil society as collectively gathered in the P’ACTS

Generalising the territorial pact is learning to cooperate, to provide complete answers to the basic needs of life in health, safety and peace. Basically, it is the respect of fundamental rights

This is a collaborative space

Organization, Values, SSE and transition
January 2013: The Cloughjordan ecovillage (Region North Tipperary, Ireland) was the second cycle Grundtvig Learning Journey. This Transition Project is committed for 4 years. The participants agreed to continue discussions in the next Learning Journey to better understand and bring together proposals. A page is opened in the Grundtvig program to accommodate contributions contributions à l'aide d'un framapad(external link).

This is the living memory of a story that is written every day

Where do we come from : Local Pacts, since 1998
2005: Maturity, a formal association, a European presence
Since 2010, a voluntary collective of people and organisations in order to illustrate, discuss and make proposals based on theirselmes achievements. Together, they open the door to dialogue, as an organised committed civil society, to jointly build the future at different levels:
– In the territories where they live (as diverse as the people themselves).
– In Europe, at geographical, cultural and political level.
– As citizens of the world.