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Opening of a internet forum to prepare Manila'13

Publié par Martine le 2013-07-23
July 21, 2013: Opening of a internet forum to prepare Theme 2: Experiences of the ESS in the territories to the 5th Meeting of the Intercontinental RIPESS in Manila, Philippines (14-18 October 2013)

The four-yearly meeting is a vitally important moment that enables us to update our analyses in a world that is increasingly harsh and interdependent, and to take stock of how far we have come.
At the Forum LUX’09, the P’acts organised a transverse Workshop: “Democratic Participation and anchoring the Solidarity Economy at Territorial Level”. The Territoriality was, for the first time, recognised as a working theme in its own right at the 5th RIPESS meeting. This simple fact is a very significant advance in itself. It provides that, beyond the specializations, the concrete transverse approach is a major dimension towards the organization of solidarity of a sustainable territorial development.

Invitation to take part
In this Forum we work on the basis that we are all, to varying degrees, participants and practitioners in a new economy rooted within a particular territorial context, but experiencing and sharing common challenges and values.
Organisation team : European Pact, mandated by RIPESS Europe; Canadian Community Economic Development Network, mandated by RIPESS North America. A request has been made to the other continents to designate organisations to join the organisation team.

The Forum will be open from July to late September. Contributions can be made in three languages: English, Spanish or French. The debate will be organised so as to reintroduce another lesson learned from Lux’09: using concrete initiatives with their territorial and contextual framework and applying the same three actions: illustrate/debate/propose. It will consist of three two-week phases when the issues will be tackled. A summary will be produced in three languages and circulated at the end of each phase. The final summary of the work undertaken will be submitted to participants for validation then posted on the RIPESS website as a collective contribution to the “Theme no. 2: SSE initiatives in the territories” Workshop before the 5th meeting, Manila’13.

The organisation team proposes to animate an interactive exchange between the 3 languages of communications. We will respond and make a synthesis, in the 3 languages, after each phase. Our collaboration with Françoise Wautiez from link), the resource website for the social and solidarity economy, will enable contributions and results to be tracked, promoted and distributed.

Objectives of the web forum in the run-up to Manila’13 make a collective contribution to the global vision based on the territorial approach to transition strategies; introduce the Workshop 17th October; contribute to the decisions that will be taken the next day, as called for in the program to commitments, actions and specific and concrete goals for 2014 2017

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